The more people coaching and mentoring touches, the more positive the world can be.

Coaching and mentoring help people reach their full potential and improve lives, relationships, and business performance

Coaches and mentors make tangible and measurable differences in people’s lives and how leaders, teams, and organisations adapt, perform and grow.


We live in a disruptive world with less stability, certainty, simplicity, and predictability.

As more and more industries face disruption through technology, coaching and mentoring have become more critical in helping prepare organisational and business leaders, managers, and teams for the inevitability of constant and accelerating change in a disruptive VUCA/BANI world.

The coaching profession is uniquely positioned to help leaders better, safely, and successfully learn how to adapt and be, think, and do things differently.

This is because coaching is a powerful tool to develop the potential of leaders, teams, and employees by helping them develop the 21st-century mindset and behaviours that help them adapt, grow and drive success.

It enables clients to operate more effectively in an exponentially changing environment that has shifted from the mechanical industrial age to the hyper-connected digital age, where uncertainty and instability drive, manage and execute successful personal, professional and organisational outcomes.

  • Coaching enables clients to operate more effectively in an exponentially changing environment that has shifted from the mechanical industrial age towards a hyper-connected digital age, where uncertainty and instability drive the business game.
  • Coaching develops the potential of people, leaders, and teams through mindset and behaviour changes to drive 21st-century business growth, improve performance, and the successful implementation and execution of change and transformation initiatives.
  • Coaching is a value-adding partnership that evokes, provokes, and creates deep insight based, learning processes that help people think and feel beyond what they are thinking and feeling right now, based on the pre-supposition that you can’t see outside the box until you can see the box.




Through a research partnership with the Human Capital Institute (HCI), the International Coach Federation (ICF) explored the components of strong coaching cultures and how organisations use coaching to achieve strategic objectives.

Specifically, how to build a coaching culture as a tool for change management.

A high performing organisation was defined as those who outperform their peers in terms of both Talent Outcomes and Business Outcomes.

Improved talent outcomes, as compared to non-coaching culture organisations, including significant differences;

  • Higher investments in employee development (78%-57%).

  • An increased percentage of internal hires (67%-48%).

  • Increases in employee engagement scores (69%-39%).

  • Increases in the percentage of employees assessed ready for senior management positions (59%-36%).

  • Increases in the percentage of diverse gender, age, and backgrounds (58%-42%).

  • Increases in the percentage of high performers retained (54%-32%).

Improved organizational outcomes, as compared to non-coaching culture organizations, also included significant differences:

  1. Customer satisfaction (82%-63%).

  2. Shareholder value (75% -54%).

  3. Employee of choice (74%-49%).

  4. Labour productivity (65%- 45%).

  5. Profitability (64%- 55%).

  6. Large scale strategic change (59% -45%).

“Coaching is a powerful tool to develop the potential of employees, mostly behaviours, and drive business success. Because of this, it can help individuals, teams, and organisations explore resistance, enhance communication, and promote resilience in the face of change”.

“Only when your consciousness is totally focused on the moment you are in can you receive whatever gift, lesson, or delight that moment has to offer”.



Coaching is a powerful tool to develop the potential of employees and drive 21st-century business success.

Considering that the range of big business challenges organisations are facing that coaching can help them overcome, it is crucial to make an informed and wise choice about which areas of specialization and expertise will best help them survive, flow and flourish in the face of:


  • The diverse and complex range of wicked, societal, business, technology and people problems, Black Swan events, none of which are going away, or can be predicted. (COVID-19)

  • Knowing how to adapt and grow, with increasing speed and agility to flow and flourish, without the safeguards of stability, certainty, and predictability in the operating business environment. (INERTIA, COMPLACENCY, RISK ADVERSITY)

  • Knowing how to effectively integrate the “human factor”, systemically and strategically, with digitization and emerging technologies? (ROBOTICS, DATA & AI)

  • Breaking down silos and collaborating across boundaries (TEAMING)

  • Learning how to enhance their “on the job” learning, critical and creative thinking, and agile complex problem-solving 21st-century skills. (NEW WAYS OF WORK)

  • Investing in creating permission, trust, safety, support, and structure, to increase creativity, invention, and innovation, through collaboration, inclusion, and accountability. (SYSTEMIC CULTURE CHANGE)


Janet offers a range of flexible coaching, mentoring, and learning solutions to support different client needs.

I offer a range of customized coaching and mentoring and online learning packages, which are monitored and measured via individual or team coaching, mentoring or learning contracts, and include:


  • One-to-one, on-site or remote coaching or learning session(s) via phone or Zoom.

  • An introductory 45 min session, at the beginning of the program, to define coaching, mentoring, or learning engagement goals.

  • Access to coach via email and phone between sessions.

  • Aligned and practical recreation activities between sessions.

  • Necessary basic materials required for the coaching relationship.

Please make sure to contact me for alternative and custom coaching and mentoring offerings, including on-site learning programs.




If you want to get transformed and refocus to prioritize, Janet is the One, The Best One . I am a better person, and hopefully a better leader because of the powerful and highly impactful coaching I received from Janet.  She helped me prioritize what was important in this phase of my career. She introduced me to the concepts of setting the rules and making the space for positive experiences in my leadership position. As a coach, I had all the connection and trust from my first dialogue and I could download my fears and challenges. She guided me all through these and to stay focused on the strengths instead of the difficulties. It was simply so meaningful and easy to open up to talk to someone from the outside, for both the perspective and encouragement. Janet’s simple yet powerful questions, her insights, her experience, and her gentle prodding helped me to avoid some potentially sticky situations. I am now able to focus on what I do best. I have been better able to look at problems in different ways, thus finding very meaningful solutions. She helped to make my transition seamless and turned me into a more holistic person. I found my Guru and will always fall back on her best advice.

Faisal Al Quran – Senior Consultant


Working with Janet in the Coach for Innovators Certified Program was a life-changing experience.  As someone who has been coached but never sat in the coach’s chair, this program enabled me to see things from a whole new perspective.  By identifying one’s passionate purpose and then learning how to listen more intently, ask questions more clearly and work through the coaching model, all the tools are there to take the novice or the expert coach to a whole new realm of coaching conversation.

Janet’s passion for the subject of innovation and disruption comes through from the moment you first connect with her and she walks the talk in everything she shares throughout the program.  There is so much information out there about ways for people and companies to innovate; Janet takes that wealth of information, distils it into manageable chunks and then invites participants to dance in the light of uncertainty and chaos.  The Coach for Innovators Certified Program is definitely a game changer – don’t miss an opportunity to join Janet and the growing group of Professional Certified Coach for Innovators.

Betsy Dickinson

Director Legal Operations Global IP , Aristocrat Technologies, Inc. USA

The Coach for Innovators course was eye-opening, challenging and rewarding. I appreciated Janet’s expert guidance through the process and her generosity of not only her time but also her knowledge. Coming together each week to dig deeper was great to embed the learning, especially the live practice sessions. This course really opened my mind to finding a different approach to dealing with the current challenges myself and my clients are facing through the recent bushfires and current Coronavirus Pandemic. Thanks Janet, I am truly grateful and highly recommend this course to others.

Vanessa Medling

Coach and Consultant , Inspiring Success, Victoria, Australia