The Coach for Innovators, Leaders and Teams Certified Program™ October 2023 IS SOLD OUT!


This is a thought-leading innovation coaching and learning program for innovators, leaders, and teams. It enables and equips participants to discover, make sense of, and internalize what innovation truly means and what it really involves.

Participants are supported in applying and integrating what they learn about innovation “on the job” via an evidence-based case study to make innovation a “habit” and a way of life through embedding and integrating the concepts, principles, and techniques into their own unique context.
It is supported by a group of peers over 9 weeks that will give coaches, leaders, and teams a deep understanding of the language, principles, and applications of a human-centered, strategic, and systemic approach to innovation.

It introduces new start-up, design thinking, neuroscience, and emergent methodologies, to enable you to fail forward and take intelligent actions that will transform your own and your client’s business to survive and thrive in the face of the range of 21st-century challenges, problems, and opportunities.

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The International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited Continuing Coach Education Program (CCE) The Coach for Innovators, Leaders, and Teams Certified Program™ is an online, global innovation coaching and learning program, designed to equip people with the motivators, mindsets, and skills necessary in leading and teaming innovation starting on the 3rd October and ending on 5th December

There are also four 45-minute one-on-one meetings that will be scheduled when you sign up for the program.

The investment for this innovation coaching and learning program is US $2,290.00 (please add GST for Australian clients).

Our Early Bird Price offers a US $300.00 discount and is US $1,990.00 plus GST for Australian clients if you sign up and pay for the October program commencing Tuesday, 3rd October 2023 before midnight on Friday, 22nd September 2023.

If you are an ICF-accredited coach, you can earn 36 Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units by completing this innovation and learning program and also qualify to join our Amplifiers Global Network of business game-changers.

The innovation coaching and learning program can be paid in installments via PayPal, and is negotiable by contacting You also need to pay a deposit to secure your place in the program as the innovation coaching program is restricted to 6-8 participants.

This unique online innovation coaching program builds your confidence, competence, and capacity to lead,  shake up, and challenge the status quo through creativity, invention, and innovation by embracing a strategic, systemic, and human-centered approach to innovation.

Participants learn to:

  • Develop uncertainty tolerance,
  • See, sense, and perceive opportunities,
  • Develop embodied presence,
  • Embody innovation mindsets,
  • Challenge the status quo and push the envelope,
  • Enact innovation behaviours and act differently,
  • Individually and collectively think differently,
  • Connect, relate, and network across boundaries in new ways,
  • Develop team cohesion and effectiveness (hybrid or otherwise),
  • Creatively see and solve problems in a complex environment,
  • Make and enact smart value-add decisions,
  • Take intelligent actions to thrive,
  • Anticipate, moderate, and mitigate smart risks,
  • Adapt and lead digital, agile, and other transformational change and initiatives.

Program participants discover, make sense of, internalize, and are supported to apply and integrate what they learn about innovation “on the job” to make innovation a “habit” and a way of life through assimilating the concepts, principles, and techniques into their own unique context.

Through participating in a co-creative learning experience involving co-sensing, co-inquiring, co-discovering, and co-designing innovative solutions to arrive differently, through leading and teaming innovation, in the playing fields of the future.


Once we have received your registration and payment, you will receive your welcome pack with the program outline, schedule, participant details, resources, Zoom details, and your pre-work assignments. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact Janet, the program presenter at or call +61 420679303

For more information about the innovation coaching and learning program please go to click here

We look forward to welcoming you to the program.

Janet Sernack PCC EMCC Master Practitioner   Founder, and CEO ImagineNation


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