Janet’s online learning events introduce cutting edge concepts, principles, and techniques that enable people and teams to be, think and act differently to adapt, innovate and grow through disruption.


Join our “Developing a Future-Fit, Human-Centric Focus for Leaders, Teams, and Organisations” to support you to respond to the new environments, new customers, and heightened societal expectations emerging in 2021.

Our 60-minute “webishop” (a unique blend of webinar and workshop) helps you acquire a new lens, involving an ability to see the world with “fresh eyes” by letting go of our old mental models and paradigms, to co-create cracks, openings, and empty spaces for “unlearning” what may have previously been effective and worked in the past.

Focussing on developing a new human-centric, future-fitness focus that unleashes purpose, speed, simplicity, and growth through unlearning, re-learning, creativity and innovation.

It’s on Thursday, 20th May 2021 at 8.00 pm Sydney and Melbourne, 11.00 am London, 12.00 pm Amsterdam, at 2.00 pm Abu Dhabi, and at 6.00 pm Hong Kong.

Please join Janet Sernack PCC and Chris Gildersleeve PCC from ImagineNation in this highly interactive “webishop” to share how there is a unique moment in time, for organisation, leaders, and teams to “unfreeze” and support people to shift from their Covid-19 induced lethargy to become proactive, provocative and evocative, creative and innovative change catalysts.

To focus on being human-centric in ways that simultaneously develop future fitness through both “unlearning” and “re-learning.” Because many of our old mental models and paradigms, which are mostly unconsciously embodied in our core mindsets, impact the choices and decisions we make, the behaviours we enact, and the results we get, are no longer relevant and useful in what is emerging as a decade of disruption. 

In this unique webinar you will explore and discover:

  • Why is this a unique moment in time to develop a human-centric and future-fit focus?
  • What unlearning and relearning have to do with it and what do they actually mean? 
  • How do people unlearn and relearn, be creative and innovative in developing a human-centric and future-fit focus?
  • What typically gets in the way of unlearning and relearning, creativity and innovation?
  • How can leaders revitalize, and reenergize exhausted and languishing people, teams, and organisations?

Leave with practical ideas, tools, and actionable tips toward catalysing change quickly to respond to ambiguity, turbulence, and rapid development in ways that support and enable organisations to adapt, innovate and grow through disruption.



Leave with practical ideas, tools, and actionable tips toward catalysing change through innovation teams, leveraging teams, tribes, collectives as internal growth engines, who collaborate quickly to respond to ambiguity, turbulence, and rapid development in ways that support and enable organisations to adapt, innovate and grow through disruption.


Watch our Making Innovation a Habit Free Webinar – “Navigating the Innovation Puzzle – Leading, Coaching and Mentoring in an Uncertain World” webinar


Explore new ways of supporting, flowing, and flourishing whilst sitting on the cusp of disruption in an unstable world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

Share how important it is to hit our pause buttons to reconnect, rethink, reimagine and reframe our possibilities for a purposeful future by:


  • Understanding the key motivators and drivers of innovation leadership and culture.

  • Knowing what it means to develop an innovation mindset, individually and collectively.

  • Knowing how to define innovation in a range of diverse and different contexts.

  • Exploring the role of leaders, teams, coaches, mentors, and culture in catalysing innovation.


Chris Gildersleeve, MAPP, M App Sc (Coaching Psych), M Bus (HRM), B Ec. Executive and Professionally Certified Innovation Coach, Professionally Certified OGI and GLI Practitioner,  ICF PCC. 

Chris is an evidence-based executive coach and purposeful change practitioner, who support clients to achieve purposeful change and innovate.

He supports leaders and their teams to create organisations that have an engaged, productive, and innovative workforce that drives competitive advantage and long-term stakeholder value and brings to his practice more than 30 years of corporate experience with accountability for complex change, talent identification, leadership development, and leadership of the HR function in the manufacturing, construction, capital equipment, technology, and industrial services sectors.

He is passionate about creating more engaging workplaces where people, leaders, and the organisation can be their best possible selves, thrive, and innovate.

Janet Sernack ICF PCC FILM Executive and Professionally Certified Innovation and Mbit Coach, Professionally Certified OGI and GLI Practitioner

Hailing from Australia, Janet is the Founder of ImagineNation™ she has 30 years of experience consulting and leading culture development, change management, leadership and top team education interventions to some of Australasia’s and Israel’s top 100 companies.

She is an ICF PCC and Mbit certified executive coach, a NLP certified presenter, trainer, facilitator, and executive coach and has tertiary qualifications in Marketing, Adult Learning and Workplace Assessment and Training.

She is acknowledged as a global thought leader on the people side of innovation, she presents globally on innovation and blogs regularly.

She is one of the top 20 innovation bloggers at Disruptor League “the world’s most popular innovation blog” and presents the ICF CCE  Coach for Innovators Certified Program as a global, online, group, or team learning program.



Adapt and Grow in Uncertain and Disruptive Times.

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Adapt and Grow in Uncertain and Disruptive Times.

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Going through the CFI was a complete reinvention for me and my business, I took the course when I was going through a transition, a re-branding and a going solo after a partnership, the practical course content, methodology, and the challenging activities as well as the case studies, were so evoking, it made me self reflect  and reconnect with the deeper purpose of my entrepreneurial journey, it opened my mind to possibilities and new horizons, and I was able to identify what was blocking me from scaling, and come up with a new strategy and a new business model, I recommend this course to any individual on a journey of growth and particularly to business leaders and startup owners. The learnings are invaluable.

Hanane Benkhallouk

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Sustain Leadership, Dubai, UAE

The coach for innovators program influenced my thinking about what it takes to successfully innovate and foster an innovative culture.  Rich in resources, practical learning experiences, group and individual coaching, the program provides an immersive learning experience.  The combination of innovation, coaching and design thinking principles covered has equipped me to coach and lead through disruption with a multidisciplinary approach”.

Lunrea Simmons, Strategy & Transformation | Customer Experience | Innovation & Change | Customer Service Operations, Sydney, Australia

“Learning from Janet how to coach propelled my business from “my dream” to a fast-growing, team empowered. The fastest way for leaders to learn and master new talents for better innovation

Errol Kruger

Kruger Director, Customer Strategies , Silicon Billabong Group

The Coaching for Innovators program provides a wealth of learning resources and methods that definitively teaches the participants to disrupt themselves, think, act differently, and see innovation from an exciting new perspective. Janet has an incredible wealth of knowledge which she shares freely, and she provides many, many resources and ideas throughout the program.  The activities performed during each class helps the participants retain the learning. I personally came out of each class more mindful, generative, and more intentionally fostering creativity in interactions.  The course helped me gain more clarity on my purpose and vision and also helped me come up with a blueprint of how to implement my innovative vision

Ivan Queiroz

Strategic Disruption Coach, Founder and CEO Reinagility Massachusetts, USA